Farewell, Deloitte Digital!

Mark Palfreeman
2 min readFeb 9, 2017


Tomorrow is my last day working at Deloitte Digital.

As a new graduate of a short-term web development bootcamp almost three years ago, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Our front-end development course gave me a solid grasp of presentational UI and modular HTML/CSS, but it didn’t take long to realize that JavaScript was taking the world by storm. Jobs weren’t easy to come by, but I set out to find somewhere I could apply the skills I’d just acquired.

I feel fortunate to have received the job offer at a stable established company like Deloitte, especially being so new to the industry myself. But pretty soon I found I was able to contribute right away with the knowledge I’d gathered. I helped refactor plenty of messy CSS, write declarative semantic markup, rethink small components of interfaces in a more reusable way, and abstract a project’s Sass to handle multiple color themes. As our projects shifted to more complex web applications, I’ve developed my JavaScript skills while using both Angular 1 and 2 (and React on the side), getting a better grasp on application architecture and programming in general.

Beyond the work, I’m thankful for the opportunity to always keep learning from awesome coworkers and other experiences too. Some of my greatest growth can be attributed to participating in conversations in our #webdev Slack channel (although it can get off-topic and satirical pretty quickly ☺️). I also attended FluentConf, CascadiaFest, and &yetConf to take in as much of the industry and trends as I could eat up.

And not to mention frequent free lunch, occasional afternoon whiskey tastings, a flat leadership structure, and quite a bit of freedom. It’s been a pretty casual place to work, and I don’t take that for granted.

I’m excited now to shift from building client projects with multiple teams to working on the Travel product with the UI team over at Concur. Instead of passing off projects to clients, we’ll be responsible to also maintain all the code written. Here’s to new challenges 🥂

Thanks for everything Deloitte Digital! 👋✌️