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In pursuit of a calm, productive life.


  • Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Ross Crawford-d'Heur

    Software Engineer, CTO, Django, Flask, Symfony2, Rails and a few others.. :)

  • Ian Bicking

    Ian Bicking

    I'm a programmer. I work for Mozilla. I live in Minneapolis.

  • Eric Dykstra

    Eric Dykstra

    More posts at -> I write about programming and some other things.

  • Sara McNally

    Sara McNally

    Sara is a graphic designer, letterpress printer, ephemera (junk) collector, owner of Constellation & Co., and an enthusiastic Seattlite.

  • Stephen


  • The Mars Generation

    The Mars Generation

    Building a stronger tomorrow by exciting our youth today about space & STEM! Educating people about the importance of space exploration. Leader @AstronautAbby

  • Sergio Lepore

    Sergio Lepore

    Cyberdyne Systems Model 101. Software Engineering. Member @nodejs Foundation. @emberjs FTW. Cats ❤

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